We've just added LOTR (Lord of the Rings) filming locations to CamperMate

We've received a bunch of feedback from users over the years asking us to add Lord of the Rings filming locations to the free CamperMate travel app, and it's with great pleasure that I can now finally announce it. You can read more about it here. You'll need to download CamperMate, then tap on 'What to Do', then look for these icons.CamperMate app LOTR locations Download CamperMate here for iPhone or here for Android We hope you enjoy the new additions, there are twenty two altogether, mostly in the South Island. Here's an example for Mordor at Whakapapa. MordorWhat happens here? After Gollum almost strangles Sam, Frodo manages to stop Gollum with Sting, the sword that once belonged to Bilbo. He ties a rope around Gollum's ankle. In the end Frodo feels sorry for the creature and makes Gollum swear to help them.