We've just added high risk/dangerous road warnings to CamperMate

At CamperMate, we have an ongoing commitment to road safety in New Zealand. Over the last few weeks we have compiled a list of the top roads in New Zealand which you need to take extreme care on. These warnings are in addition to our 'real-time' road warnings which we display on the app in real-time. We have complied the list of dangerous roads from a number of road safety/accident reports and these will appear in the app as an active road warning. When tapping on 'Road Warnings' you will see the red icon, which once tapped on will show you 'Dangerous Road-Take Care'. There are a number of factors which make this a dangerous road, but may include road conditions, lack of passing areas or potential for speeding. In any case, when you see these warnings appear on the app, use caution. IMG_5847 (1)