A weekend trip to Queenstown

Leaving Christchurch on a Friday afternoon is always going to be a slow crawl and a bumper to bumper race to get out. It's amazing the risks some people will go to such as passing on corners, to get just a few spaces ahead, even when there's another 40 cars ahead of them. Regardless of the traffic at the back of my mind, it was time to check out Queenstown for a long weekend and experience some fishing in Lake Wakatipu. I find that Autumn is a great time for the year for travelling, especially in the Otago region as the roads seem to be lined endlessly with poplar trees which makes for a great view. Trees The first half of the trip I find a little boring with just my New Zealand music to listen to (saved offline so I'm not using data). There are only so many times you can be amazed by the giant Salmon in Rakaia, after that it just becomes another landmark (for me reminding me to fill up at the nearby Mobile service station). The entire trip from Christchurch to Queenstown take between 5 and a half to six hours and it's not only until you get to Lake Pukaki that you start passing some amazing sights like this one below. I don't know what it is but 70% of the times I have been past Lake Pukaki it's been amazing weather. IMG_9813 (Large) The roads are normally pretty manic for the entire trip. Queenstown is a popular destination for people all over New Zealand and drivers are filled with anticipation, it pays to be very careful and observant the entire trip. Pay attention to the double yellow lines (meaning no passing) and just relax! IMG_9824 (Large) Finally I arrived in Queenstown and met up with a friend that had been fishing on Lake Wakatipu for around three years (one catch had been a 19 pound trout). We launched from the Frankton boat ramp, just 5 minutes out of Queenstown and began trawling along the lake edge at a depth of around 6 metres. Queenstown As we cruised past the Frankton end of the lake near the Hilton apartments there was a tug on the line..I was on! Wakatipu The thing that I find most exciting about fishing is the anticipation about the size of the fish as you bring it in and the high chance that it could break the line or spit the hook at any moment. Luckily, this one stayed on and we marinated it for cooking later on. There is no minimum size for fish in Lake Wakatipu as there is in the sea. You'll get both Trout and Salmon and they generally average around 1-2 kg. That was the only fish that I was to catch the entire weekend, however I was happy with that. The traffic back to Christchurch was more or less the same as on the Friday, however everyone seems just a little more relaxed. That's what a weekend in Queenstown can do for you..Travel safe! [mc4wp_form]