Sylvia Flats Natural Hot Springs in Lewis Pass

14th July 2014-There are a number of DOC walks along the Lewis Pass-St. James Walkway, Doubtful River, Nina Valley are just some to pick from. If you want a relaxing soak in the hot pools after completing one of these or if you are just travelling around New Zealand and in the area, you've got a number of choices that aren't too far away. Maruia Hot Springs, Hanmer Hot Pools and of course you have the free Sylvia Flats Hot Pools, ('Natrual Hot Springs' under 'what to do' on the CamperMate app) Lewis Pass hot springswhich you'll find a few k's back from the start of the Nina Valley walk. I've been lucky enough to check out all three, and while they are all awesome in their own way, the Slyvia Flat Hot Springs would be my favourite, as there's something special about chilling out in 37 degrees,while a freezing cold river is running just a few metres away. There are some downside of course, the sand-flies will eat any exposed skin, at any time of the year and there's now a rockfall danger that needs to be taken into account (*check before to make sure it looks safe, if not it's best to avoid). But if you're in the area and have some time, definitely stop in and check these out. If you're on the west coast of the South Island, you might like to read about the Amethyst hot springs. Ok so to find the Sylvia Hot Springs, it's quite tricky to find, as you won't see any signs, just this turn off that leads to a muddy road.

Entrance to the Sylvia Flats Hot Pools

Once you turn in, turn right and go over the pot holes. Pot Holes when exiting the car parking area

Drive all the way to the end of the road and you'll come to a parking area. Park up and walk up the river about 50 or so metres and you'll see some hot pools, already dug.

Sylvia Hot Pools Car Parking

The deeper you dig the hotter it will be. Enjoy! But remember to check for rock fall danger and also to take your sand-fly repellent ! They are crazy and have a huge appetite!

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