Spring Is In The Air!

The last few weeks of winter have been surprisingly mild for most of the country, a nice welcome and hopefully a sign of a good Spring/Summer! This Winter has been spent in a state of hibernation..Venturing out when the weather allows it for the odd road trip to Kaikoura, a trip to the Rangitata River for a days rafting and the odd day trip. But bring on Summer! It seems that freedom camping hasn't been in the media much recently for obvious reasons, but no doubt as the summer arrives we will likely hear all about it. There have been some central/local government decisions like this one which is part of a wider management plan for freedom camping. Its going to be interesting over the next few years to see if bans such as these will actually affect the local economy, I've talked to a few passionate motor home owners who are swearing not to visit any of the councils that are banning freedom camping.