Day 4 Queenstown to Christchurch

There was a massive shortage of accommodation in Dunedin on the Saturday night due to the Eng/Rom game,  so we decided to stay another night in Queenstown and head over early in the morning on Sunday in order to make the 10am breakfast we had planned. It was a great drive despite our lack of sleep and cruising past spring lambs jumping around in the early morning made it that much better! We were a bit tight on time and called into a small towns supermarket along the way and grabbed 10 loaves of bread, possibly their days supply (sorry guys!). When we arrived at the Dunedin Holiday Park, we were confronted with a coastal wind that wasn't making life pleasant for a Sunday morning. We soon discovered that our BBQ's were taking a direct hit from the wind and this reduced the temperature of the hotplate! With a queue already forming and two extremely tired eggs, we decided to move into a sheltered area (with the help of the staff and a few helpful campers). This proved to be the saviour and soon enough we were back on the tools-frying up a storm! We cooked up for a few hours, cleaned up and hit the road. Not before checking out a bit of Dunedin. First we went for a bit of a cruise along the coast, had a look at the new stadium and took the CamperMate van up the words steepest street (Baldwin Street). We pushed onto Christchurch on a day that gave us snow, strong winds and beautiful clear skies..New Zealand really can have four seasons in one day!