Public Showers In New Zealand

Over the last few months we've had a number of emails from CamperMate users requesting us to display the locations of public showers in New Zealand. Here are a couple of those emails..  I love your app. I'm using it a lot. You did an awesome job and a great favour to all people travelling NZ by car/camper van.I just miss an additional category of public accessible showers like on a beach or public pool. If you could implement this, the app would be completely perfect. -EmmanuelWe're travelling through NZ at the Moment ans campermate is a very big help and makes it way easier for us to plan and decide. A very helpful extra would be to know where public showers are. We try kepping our cost as low as possible and stay on doc campgrounds most of the time. In Napier for example there's a pretty cheap showers right next to the isite. -Gloria This summer we've been crowdsourcing these locations in the background (allowing users to add public showers through the app) and finally we have enough data to be able to display then on the app, which we're launching today. Here's a heads up on finding a public shower for your travels, to accompany this function in the app.. For the most part, it's encouraged to stay at campgrounds where you'll normally get a shower included in the price. However if you're keeping your costs low somewhere along the way you're going to need an alternative. There are a few different options you can choose from. Public Shower NZBeachside free shower Many councils provide free fresh water showers at many beach locations, often near the car park. These are designed for people that have been swimming in the ocean to rinse themselves in fresh water. Fresh water feels amazing after having spent a few hours in the sea! While they're free, it's generally frowned upon in New Zealand to bring your shampoo/soap to these showers though and if  it's a hot summers day and there's a queue starting to form, it's best to move along. It's probably best to wait until after the crowds have left the beach. Public Swimming Pools If staying at a campground with a shower isn't an option then a good option is paying to enter a public swimming pool and using the showers there. It's very common to take shampoo/soap with you to these and generally, there's no time limit on the length of time you can spend in the shower. Often you'll also be able to rent a towel for a few extra dollars. Swimming pools are often operated by the councils so costs are reasonable and can range from a small community pool (free-$2), up to a large swimming complex that will charge around $5-$6 to get into. For example, the council run swimming pools in Christchurch cost $5 to enter but also includes other facilities such as sauna's etc. Public Showers In some areas of new Zealand, you'll find commercial public showers like the SuperLoo in Taupo (a commercial toilet/shower complex), or this in Otemata. They are well priced (between $2 and $4) however the main difference is that they are on a timer and you'll generally get about 3 minutes before it switches off. I've found this is precisely the moment when you've managed to start washing the shampoo off so if it's cheap enough pay for x 2. You'll be able to rent a clean towel and shampoo/soap from these. (Image©Google)   [mc4wp_form]