Merging The CamperMate Youtube Accounts

We've used videos quite a bit within the CamperMate project from showing how to enter the interislander ferry to our '2 eggs' road trip where we cooked free bacon and egg breakfasts for tourists during the rugby world cup in 2011. Some of the videos seem to get a high number of views, mainly the ones with good quality footage and nice thumbnails. We've had a couple of videos crack the 80,000 view mark (like this video of our Queenstown trip below). For all of our videos we've been uploading to the Youtube account 'CampermateNZ' however as Google+ seems to be a growing platform we've created our own CamperMate Google+ brand page. As the CamperMate youtube account was setup under a different login, it's becoming a bit of a hassle to login to multiple accounts. Therefore we've decided to delete our old account and create a new Youtube channel under our new Google+ page. CM Video The first video that we've uploaded to the new Youtube account is a help video for how to use the new website. You can view it here: We'll delete the account in the next month or so. Our new videos will be uploaded under the new CamperMate Youtube account Enjoy 2104! Adam