Yesterday was an exciting day for the CamperMate project, while I normally blog about camping and outdoor adventures you can do in New Zealand, I thought it was important to bring you this piece of news. Since day one at the end of 2010 we've been focusing purely on mobile as the way to provide the CamperMate data, perhaps as that's what we live and breathe here at Mogeo. While we had a small mapping web presence on, it wasn't very helpful and wasn't synced with the app. Yuck! Operating day to day with a mobile/smartphone mindset it's easy to get stuck in your ways. Oh how we were wrong! While most of our work is in the outdoor mobile space we needed to explore some more. Luckily we found a team at also located here in Christchurch, Cabbage Tree Creative that were equally passionate about all things web, as we are with mobile..They are also well known throughout the tourism industry and are also outdoor enthusiasts. Over the last three-four months we've been working together to create a helpful tool for both kiwis and tourists alike, displaying all the data that we've collected over the years through the CamperMate app on one very cool website The vision of the website is to make it easier to travel New Zealand responsibly, we hope you like it! Let us know what you think over Facebook or Twitter.