How to text (SMS) for info if you don't have a smart phone

For those that don't have a smart phone we have built an awesome text (SMS) system that you can use if you have a New Zealand number. By sending a text (SMS), you'll get a text message reply with the physical address of things like dump stations, petrol stations, public toilets, supermarkets, information centres, Wifi and hostels. Unfortunately this isn't free and costs 20c per text you send (which goes to the Telcos). Here's how it works.. You text the code for whatever it is you are looking for, followed by the town/city you are in. Let's say I'm looking for Wifi in Taupo (beautiful place near the middle of the North Island). I would text the code Wifi (lower case or upper case it doesn't matter), space, then the word Taupo and send it to 4882. See the example below..  Within around 1o seconds I'll get a 160 character reply with the physical address of Wifi in Taupo. Text codes are: Department of Conservation visitor centre = VC Gas Station = fuel Campsite over $10/night = campsite i-SITE visitor centre = i-SITE Hostel = hostel Supermarket = supermarket Dumpstation = dumpstation Wifi = wifi Toilet = toilet The towns/cities we have on the system so far are:

We hope you enjoy this service, we'd love to hear from you if it has helped in anyway.