How To Add Or Edit Something on CamperMate

We are super excited about the 'add a location' function we launched a while back being well loved by the CamperMate geocaching community. The consistency of the data is important to the whole project, so if you haven't added or edited something on CamperMate yet, here's how to do it. To Edit Something on CamperMate (i.e. it shows it as being there on the app, but actually isn't)

1. Firstly, click on the pop-up box that appears when you have selected the icon from the map Adding Location 2. Then, click on the 'Report a Problem' button as you can see here (below): How-edit 3. You're then given four options to choose from. If it's not there, simply select 'It doesn't appear to be here' Whats-wrong

4. Next just fill out a little bit of information, this cold be something like "it's no longer here" or perhaps it's temporarily out of action,  then hit submit. Done! New Zealand To Add Something New on CamperMate (i.e. you've found something that isn't on the app)

1. Tap the '+' button in the top right corner Adding Locations 2. Select what category it is. For example if you're adding an interesting tip, select 'Interesting tip'. It'll then ask if there's anything else there. So for example, if you're adding a petrol station and they have a dump station there too, you can select both 'Petrol station' & 'Dump station'). We are only taking submissions of around 10 categories currently. We might open this up to cafes and activities in the future, but at the moment this isn't possible. 21

3. If you're standing right next to whatever it is you're adding, you won't need to change the location as the app detects your current location. If you're not where the new location is, simply drag the red marker to the new location and hit next. New Zealand 2 4. Next, just add a little information; give it a title and if you can, a description but if it's something like a toilet or a rubbish bin you won't need to. There are only a couple of toilets I can think of that need a description-Hundertwasser toilets perhaps? Then hit submit! Submitting POIs to CamperMate App 5. You'll get a thanks you pop-up message like this (below) to confirm your submission Thank you CamperMate This will then come through to the CamperMate team to approve. We normally approve everything within 24 hours, but if it's the weekend we are probably out exploring ourselves so you might not see it come up straight away. Every time you open CamperMate, your device checks to see if there have been any updates in the background. If there have been, it's mostly just small amounts of text which only equates to a 'grain of sand' type amount of data. Approving POI's Once we approve it, you'll get a message back to your device like this: Confirmation CamperMate When you receive that message, your new submission is showing to all users of CamperMate..A great big circle of love! CamperMate