Horse Trekking in North Canterbury

It has been 15 years since I was last on a horse and from memory it didn't particularly want me there. Nevertheless for a surprise birthday party it sounded like a fun trip and I was happy to make my peace with horses again for a two hour trek with the help of the Kowhai Riding School just out of Oxford, Canterbury. We arrived, got into our horse riding gear and we were introduced to our horses. Opel was 20 years old but big and intimidating. I swear that I have this ability to connect with horses, so I tried to communicate 'please don't buck me off' by scratching under her mane and looking her into the eye. She looked back and for a split second, thought we had connected. Horse Trekking We started out riding in a group to a yard where we practice trotting and galloping. Opel wasn't very interested in doing that, but nevertheless we circled the yard a few times before parking up in the middle. Next, we started the journey on the farm by walking up the track. At this stage the weather turned sour and some fresh winds were blowing right off Mt Oxford.  Opel didn't like this cold weather much either and decided to proceed about half the speed we started out at. We eventually got to the top of the hill and joined the rest of the horses for a rest. The next part of the trek was downhill, and across a stream. We were now about an hour into the trip and the rain started, nothing too major but enough to start feeling sorry for the poor teenage instructor that wore only a t-shirt. If you're doing this trek, make sure you dress warm enough. The weather sort of put a dampener on the rest of the trip, as we were all pretty keen to get back rather than explore the farm more. Overall, I found the horse trek to be a lot of fun and something different to do. Riding a horse is definitely a good way to connect with nature and animalsand a two hour horse trek is a pretty good way to do it. Opels a good choice if you are a little nervous, bucking you off would simply require too much energy. Check out the link to the website here. [mc4wp_form] Horse Trek IMG_5558