Freedom Camping in Colac Bay, Southland

Colac Bay is right at the bottom of the South Island, about 45 minutes or so from Invercargill and one of the eleven designated campsites offered by the Southland District Council. In the summer, this would be one of the top sites in New Zealand. Colac Bay CamperMateIt's got a beautiful beach with occasionally surf, there's a friendly atmosphere and best of all you can go snorkelling for Paua/Abalone at low tide. Ok, the last bit might not be suitable for all travellers given that not everyone likes the taste of Paua but regardless, this site is great and definitely worth a stop if you're travelling in this area in a self-contained campervan.  Colac Bay At the time of writing, you can stay here for a maximum of two nights in a self contained campervan but it would pay to check the CamperMate app as that updates freedom camping in real-time. As for staying at Colac Bay the winter, in my opinion it's not as compelling. The winter is tough in this region. The strong cold southerlies cut right through Colac bay and it's quite exposed, the camping area feels the force. It's not as though these southerlies only occur in winter, it's just that they come with extra bite, rendering any swimming/surfing/venturing out of your campervan that you had planned, not very appealing. Colac Bay is easy to find. Head towards the icon on the app and when you see the surfer statue, head toward the signposted Colac Bay Beach. Colac bay When you get to the intersection turn right and along Colac Foreshore Rd (follow the campervan signs) and head along the gravel road, past the boat ramp which is on your left. Colac BayJust after the boat ramp, you'll see the toilets on the right. The toilets here are pretty basic. While they do flush, they are without water so if you read this take along some hand sanitizer. You can park anywhere along this mown area. It's truly a lovely location. While it might be more suitable for outdoor activities in the summer, it's still beautiful in the winter. 4 stars! Colac bay [mc4wp_form]