Day 7 Feeding The Masses In Wellington!

Arriving into Wellington on the ferry felt like an early settler not sure what they were in for. We all know that Wellington is know for it's gusts of wind, and our experience in Dunedin (where the wind affected the BBQ's ability to cook) unsettled us a little. Driving off the ferry we heard the weather report, "sunny, with northerlies easing off in the afternoon"..Hearing this we were a little uneasy. However, the next day we woke around 6 to find it another stunner of a day-we have been extremely lucky with the weather so far. We first had to drive 10 mins out of town to collect the supply of Beehive Streaky bacon that would be served. Seeing the traffic backed up in the other lane meant things would be a little slow on the trip back into the CBD. We setup at around 8.30 outside the awesome Wellington i-SITE in Civic Square, a great location right in the middle of town. Within minutes of the bacon cooking the smell had pervaded every nook and cranny in the CBD and soon enough we had private and public sector workers lining up, along with tourists.  Both Simon and I were on hyper mode as we cracked eggs, fried up bacon, buttered bread and even managed to get a few snaps! 2 hours flew by and before we knew it we had to call it a day, pack up the van and head to Taupo YHA where we had booked an awesome room. Both smelling of bacon, we jumped in the van and headed for a few locations to film (Beehive, Cable car) before getting on the road. Driving the Desert Road is a personal favourite, it's a part of the country that has a real ominous feeling about it-especially at sunset and few vehicles around. Awesome drive! We arrived into Taupo around 8.30 and put our feet up, ready for the breaky at the Taupo i-SITE in the morning!