Day Trip to Tumbledown Bay, Banks Peninsula

The South Island has taken a hammering in the last 4 days with what was forecast to be the worst storm in 20 years. While it didn't quite live up to it's hype we certainly saw some wild weather. There was substantial flooding around the base of the Port Hills, and in Hagley Park.


With a serious case of cabin fever, and thankfully some great weather today, it was time for a road trip to one of my favourite places in Canterbury, Tumbledown Bay on Banks Peninsula. It was a nice drive alongside the Motukarara Rail Trail, which looked as though it was almost fully submerged. Lake Ellesmere was looking fantastic with so much water, and with no wind it had a glass surface, mirroring the mountains in the background (which also got a huge dump of snow over the weekend, so much in fact Mt Hutt could not open today in it's second weekend of the season).

Headed to Little River where we turned off for the Southern Bays, not before adding an awesome D.O.C. toilet to the CamperMate database at Catons Bay, Banks Peninsula. What a nice view! (Yes this photo was Instagrammed first!)Catons Bay

I love the drive along Te Oka Bay Road..Really makes you appreciate what a great country we live in, here you have views of the mountains, sea and farmland. Similar to Kaikoura (but closer to Christchurch!) Te Oka Bay Road

Once you pass the signpost to Magnets (a popular surf spot with a nice left hand break), it's a bit of a mission driving down the windy road to Tumbledown Bay, and some really skinny roads next to some pretty gnarly looking drops, so take care..It's hard to concentrate on the road when you have views like this tempting you to look at.image (2)

But when you do finally arrive, you probably be the only people there, as it's not visited very often, especially in the winter! Funnily enough, there was a bloke taking a mid winter swim when we arrived. I can't exactly say it looks inviting this time of year! It takes about an hour and a quarter to get there from Christchurch, well worth it but I wouldn't suggest taking your campervan on this trip. The roads are just a little too skinny.