Day trip to Akaroa

Taking a day trip to Akaroa is high up there on the 'must do' list for anyone visiting Christchurch in their campervan. While the roads aren't exactly flat, it's a spectacular drive and plenty of pull off points in case you end up holding up the trafficOne of the many rest areas on the way to Akaroa. Stopping in at either Tai Tapu or Little River is a must too, there's a couple of great cafes that serve great coffee. It was interesting to see there was still a bit of road cracking from the earthquake, 20 kms out of Christchurch (nothing to worry about though). Once in Akaroa you will notice the towns French charm, the town still hold their roots with street names still in French. Plenty of parking around, you just have to navigate the skinny wee streets.There's plenty to see, do and eat in Akaroa-you might want to check out one of the wild life tours as there's plenty of wild life about too. Just check out this video below for one of the tours where you get upl close and personal with penguins, dolphins (as you will see here), albatrosses, seals and many more..Just hope that you don't go in a Southerly as once you get out past the Akaroa heads and out of the harbour things can get very rough and it's not uncommon to give the sea life a bit of burley!