Day 8 Taupo to Coromandel

Apart from the wind in Dunedin, we have had pretty much perfect weather this entire trip..Today in Taupo was no exception. I love Taupo. It's got that touristy feeling which adds an international flavour, but still with the chilled out vibe. We pulled up to the Taupo i-SITE around 8.30am. By this stage in the trip we have our setup pretty down, so we were frying up within minutes. The awesome smell of the Beehive bacon cooking prompted those nearby to enquire, and they were rewarded with an awesome plate for bacon and eggs. I've personally had an issue with the eggs sticking to the egg rings (to keep them in a good shape) and today I got a great tip from a local to rub a bit of oil on the inside..Awesome! Problem is solved! Had about 50 or so people through before packing up and heading back to the Taupo YHA to finish up a few videos and get our stuff sorted. We couldn't leave Taupo without having a crack at the 'Hole in One' challenge on the waterfront. Huka Falls was next on the list of things to do which is just out of Taupo-it's a sight that never disappoints-Around 220k litres of water rushing by you, a sight worth checking out! We decided to head along State Highway 1 to Tokoroa where we passed plenty of Pine forest and logging trucks. Forests turned to dairy farms when we hit South Waikato and it was great to see such lush pasture which I'm sure would look amazing to cows. Cruising up toward Coromandel town was amazing. We got a cool sunset which made Simon want to stop every 200 metres for a photo! We pulled into Coromandel where we met Tara (the local i-SITE manager) at the local pub and talked about the area. Looking forward to cooking up a storm tomorrow!