Crowdsourcing; Geocaching a new location using CamperMate App

We're lucky enough to have an awesome community of CamperMate app users travelling around New Zealand and geocaching new locations that haven't been found already. We've got most of New Zealand covered as we've been crowdsourcing since day one, but it has only been since version two was released in March 2013 that things really got going. It's been a pretty busy summer verifying and approving new locations, but fun at the same time! Especially that we've developed an in app messaging system too, so that we can communicate directly with all the wonderful submitters. For those that don't know how to add a new location through CamperMate, here's a qucik video to show you how it's done. We look forward to bringing you more locations on a daily basis. As we've grown to more than just our app, our central database is called GeoZone. Check out our 'User Submission Of The Day' tweets.