Coromandel to Auckland

Wind..Today has been all about wind. We got up in Coromandel to a slight breeze which seemed to pick up the closer we got to the Coromandel i-SITE. About the time we were connecting the gas bottles to the BBQ's we heard the radio announcing our arrival. Within minutes we had a queue forming but due to the wind the BBQ's weren't heating up very well. I hate waiting for food at the best of times so the delay was making us both pretty nervous! We learnt this lesson however from Dunedin so we bought some plastic wrapping to keep the wind off and this worked a charm. We served around 60 people, before checking out a local cafe for a coffee. Coromandel is a nice chilled out wee town, I imagine mid summer it would be run off its feet. After an hour or so we checked out the Coromandel Smoking Company that smokes seafood, it was awesome. Munching on some mussels, we stopped off in Thames for some lunch before making our way to Auckland. We got onto the motorway and before long we were at a snails pace-5pm Friday on the Auckland Motorway is not a nice place to be! After a few hours we made it to the Auckland YHA where we finally put up our feet (and are currently writing this). Tomorrow we have one of our last breakfasts at the Westhaven Marina where we will no doubt see many people from the Dunedin and Queenstown breakies, as the England/Scotland game is on here tomorrow night.