CamperMate Version 1.082 now live!

We've listened to the feedback that has come through the app stores, social media or by email (actually we even had someone fax us!) and rolled out some new additions to the CamperMate app. A cool feature we added into CamperMate Version 1 was the ability for fellow travellers in New Zealand to add locations that hadn't been found yet..We've collected this info and added a heap new toilets that in most cases were so new they hadn't even been geo-tagged by the councils! To the truck driver that couldn't find a toilet near Foxton..Thanks! We've listened and we've added 7 new toilets around the area..In fact we've added toilets all over New Zealand and can comfortably say that we hold the largest dataset of toilets than any other website, book, brochure or app in New Zealand! New toilet geo-tagged by CamperMate user In addition to toilets, we've also added an exit button so the GPS functionality doesn't chew up too much of your battery life when you're not running CamperMate. You may also notice we've removed the 'breakfast' icon from the main menu. When we launched we drove around the country cooking free breakfasts for tourists and displayed where we were parking up on the app. When we finished the trip this function was  longer relevant so away it went! We've also done a little work to make the app interface a little more friendlier.. We hope you enjoy it!