Announcing The Arrival Of The (new) CamperMate Android App!!

It was tough to admit, but the old version of CamperMate wasn't great..Especially on Android which with the low end devices provided a terrible, almost horrific user experience. It was such a bad performer that we removed it from Google Play, vowing for it to not surface for air until it was something worthy (even though it's free!). Well, today marks a very special day with the long awaited release of CamperMate version 2.0! Link to Google Play. There's a couple of cool things about this version (well, hopefully mor than a couple!)..As you'll notice (if you had the previous version) it's no longer buggy and has a nice new menu structure which unashamedly we've created similar to the new Facebook menu! As most of us spend far too much time on there, we thought it might be fairly intuitive! We've also integrated the new Google maps which works offline..You'll notice that when you load it for the first time, it'll take around 10 seconds to build the offline database, but there's a % statement there giving you an update on progress. And, if you have a tablet, you'll also be able to run CamperMate 2.0, as we've set the specs up especially for you. [gallery] Anyway, feel free to give us some feedback on the new version, it's a constant journey and we are constantly driving for a better app! Come and check us out at Video coming soon!