Announcing our freedom camping fine guarantee

Here at CamperMate HQ, we are pretty clear on what our role is. Make it easier to camp responsibly in New Zealand. We do it primarily using new technology. What powers the technology though is the database that sits in behind the CamperMate app and is central to showing people where they can camp, where to put their rubbish, if there are any road hazards, the nearest public toilet and much, much more. It makes sense then if we're providing this information to tourists coming into New Zealand, then we should be able to stand behind it..Hang our hats on it, so to speak. That's why we've launched our 'freedom camping fine guarantee'. If you're given a freedom camping fine using information on CamperMate, then we'll pay it on your behalf. As you can imagine, there are some conditions that come along with the guarantee  such as you have to have the most up to date version of the app, but the principle remains the same. If we stuff up, we'll fix it. We're putting this guarantee in place for the summer (to end on the 1st of February), however we may look to extend it. If you're given a freedom camping fine, go here. ( Iveagh Bay-Grey District Council