A Weekend In South Canterbury

What I love about driving a campervan in New Zealand, is the feeling of absolute freedom. Case in point..I arrived at the RV Super Centre in Christchurch to pick up my Maui campervan on Saturday at 2:30pm with absolutely no plans..Like specifically, no plans.

The lovely assistant asked where I was headed and was a little surprised when I hadn't decided. I literally wanted to sit in the drivers seat, open CamperMate and decide then and there. My criteria was:

1). It had to be an area I hadn't been to before

2). It had to have no cell phone coverage

3). It had to be within 3 hours of Christchurch

I opened CamperMate, and started to scroll around North Canterbury, inland from SH1 where there was a nice DOC campsite with good reviews.

I scrolled South of Christchurch and was drawn to the coast on the map where a light blue (low cost campground) pointer icon appeared quite far south of Rakaia (which I had to been before).

The site was Hakatere Reserve, a $5 per person campsite that's operated by the Ashburton District Council, popular with whitebaiters and seagulls. If you look carefully at this photo below, you'll see thousands of white dots on the flat, I honestly don't know if it's all year round but they love to meet at the river mouth.

The site is probably 30 mins or so from the main road, and for this reason it's not very popular. I think there were about 6 people all up that stayed this night (Nov 2016).

 There's not really a hell of a lot to do really, but that's part of the charm. Go for a walk along the beach, go surfcasting, enjoy the view, sleep. It's not a place I would spend more than a night to be honest.

 It was nice being able to have this view out the back of the campervan.

 Wait this is a better shot of the view. All this right from your campervan and just $5 per person per night with toilet facilities and potable water. A solid low cost campground worth visiting if you need to get away from the city for a day or two. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram