6 Days in Australia (Kangaroo Valley-Jervis Bay)

It was a clear, blue sky with not a breath of wind in Christchurch. While today’s great weather made perfect flying conditions, I’d prefer to leave behind gloomy, dark and depressing weather bound for sunny Australia as I boarded NZ888. To rub salt in the wound, just an hour after arriving into Sydney, a thunder storm took over the city and wreaked havoc with an unprepared commuters on their way home. I’d booked into a hotel in the centre of Sydney and earl y in the morning caught a taxi to the THL depot to collect the campervan. Sydney is just so busy. Driving in Sydney, there seems to be three times as many road signs waning you of speed limits, no entry areas, no parking zones it’s difficult to not be overwhelmed. Upon arrival, I checked in with the friendly staff and was shown around the Maui 6 berth campervan. Before too long I was on my way, with my destination being Lane Cove River Tourist Park, just a short drive West of Sydney and a chance to get used to driving in Australia. Lane Cove The great thing about this place is that it’s a national park that’s within the greater Sydney area and only a short drive also from the airport, perfect if you are arriving late or if you have an early flight. There’s plenty of facilities here, and a number of walks you can do if you have the time to look around. You’ll get the occasional plane fly over, but that normally get’s drowned out by the native wildlife singing in the trees. IMG_1323 (Large) I woke up at 4.30am still on New Zealand time which allowed me to get prepared and hit the road quickly before the thousands of people made their morning commute into the city. Thankfully, people seem to be pretty forgiving of someone driving in a campervan, far more so than back home. There is a lot that could go wrong. There are so many exits, trucks only lanes, bus only lanes if it wasn’t for Google Maps I would be a wreck.I arrived back at the THL depot to meet Michelle, who would be joining me for a few days along the south coast toward Jervis Bay. We entered our destination into Google Maps and followed the British accented instructions along the M5 toward Canberra. The conditions still hadn’t improved and it was far from the shorts and t-shirt weather I had been expecting. After about an hour of travelling on the motorway, we turned off toward a small town where we parked up and had lunch at a small café. This was my first experience with a small town in Australia and everyone seemed very friendly and keen to see where we were off to. We had just 40 kms to go before we reached our destination of Kangaroo Valley (2 hrs from Sydney), and having yet to have seen a ‘roo ever was pretty eager to spot one in the wild. After parking up at the Kangaroo Valley Tourist Park we went for a small trip along a random road and followed it for around 3kms to where I spotted about 30 kangaroos just casually hanging out in a paddock.IMG_1364 (Large) It was quite a cool sight and having ticked the box, could now head toward the coast with the hope of catching a wave. The trip from Kangaroo Valley to Huskisson, Jervis Bay was only about 50 minutes, and upon arrival checked into the Huskisson Beach Tourist Park, an awesome holiday park right on the beach. Huskisson We rented a powered site that came with its own ensuite, a nice break from the confines of a campervan shower. The manager Jason was a friendly local that let me borrow his board and wetsuit, so the next day was off exploring Jervis Bay on search of a wave. The Booderee National Park is well worth a trip. You pay $11 for a 48 hour period to explore it, which you pay at a toll booth. There’s also some camping options here too. If you’re around here I definitely recommend checking this place out. I turned off to the first beach Green Patch, an awesome white sand beach with some of the clearest water you’ll ever see.Green Patch It was completely sheltered from the swell so tried another beach called Cave Beach and upon arrival saw there was around 2-3 foot swell. Awesome! I had about two fantastic hours in the water before heading back to Sydney, a two and a half hour drive away.Cave Rock It’s such a relaxed atmosphere around this area and everyone has a smile on their face. This trip definitely gave me a new perspective on Australia. I came away with a far greater appreciation for life outside of the bigger cities. While it’s good to spend time in the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, you get an awesome picture of Australia by getting off the beaten track and exploring some of the smaller towns where people tend to have a bit more time for each other. I will definitely be heading back to Jervis Bay! It is truly an amazing place! [mc4wp_form] Blog post by Adam Hutchinson