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Free Campsites in Southland

There are now eleven freedom campsites in the Southland region. You can find these in the map below or on the free CamperMate app. Any freedom camping adventure into Southland is likely to encounter an unmistakable accent when talking to a true local. While many claim that Auckland has its own accent, the Southland accent would have to be the most evident with a distinct emphasis of the letter ‘R’ in a sentence. ‘Camperrrvan’ and ‘surrrfing’ are a few words that will highlight a locals origin. Southlanders are also famous for being very friendly, a great trait if you strike troubles on your trip. The Southland area is famous for its vast array of seafood such as the Bluff Oysters, fresh fish and crayfish..The Bluff Oyster Festival is held annually in May and showcases Southland seafood, fine wine and entertainment. If you’re a carnivore and heading along the Southern coast make sure you stop in at Tuatapere-Sausage capital of the world!

One of my favourite freedom campsites in Southland is Colac Bay, located 45 minutes west from Invercargill.

Tap the ‘Find a Location’ button on the top left and select either ‘Campgrounds for self-contained vehicles’, or ‘Campground for non self-contained vehicles’ depending on if you have a toilet on board or not. Then look for these icons:


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