Visiting New Zealand?

Travel smarter with CamperMate, the essential free New Zealand travel app that makes travelling around New Zealand easier than ever before! Get locations of public toilets, rubbish bins, campsites, free wifi, supermarkets and much more wherever you are in New Zealand.

Free Campsites

There are around 340 ‘free’ campsites scattered around New Zealand that are designated by local councils and the Department of Conservation. You can get the locations and the rules for these campsites on CamperMate or on this page by clicking on the map below.

If you’re planning on using an iPhone or an Android during your time in New Zealand, it’s best you download our free app to find out where they are. If you’re still in the planning phase, you can either visit or see the map below (this map is pulled from the website).
Tap the ‘Find a Location’ button on the top left and select either ‘Campgrounds for self-contained vehicles’, or ‘Campground for non self-contained vehicles’ depending on if you have a toilet on board or not. Then look for these icons:




Visit our new website to see this website in full, click here for a video on how to use the website

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